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Yesterday, I stared at my blog page and couldn't think of anything worth writing.  Part of the problem was that I had waited until the very end of the day to write, and by that point my brain was already shutting down.  I will try a different approach today.


This is going to be another dream post.  I had several dreams like I always do.  I spend most mornings quietly reflecting on the previous night's dreams.  I'm just trying to capture the images, people, and conversations.  Was it a new dream?  Did it continue the storyline of a previous dream?  Did I have another "struggling to walk" dream?


As I mentioned in a previous post, sometimes my dreams are part of a theme.  I very frequently have dreams about

  • Difficulties with braking while driving
  • Lights not turning on or being very dimly lit
  • Needing to go to the bathroom but every stall is either really dirty or the toilet seat is extra high
  • Struggling to walk, run, or climb up the slightest of slopes.


Although last night didn't feature any of the greatest hits, it did provide quite a few dreams.  Interestingly enough, none of them were super crazy or scary.  In between dreams while I was awake, I took a few moments to jot down what happened in the dream.  The only challenging part is deciphering my handwriting by the light of day.


Cabin Retreat


In the first dream, I was on a business style retreat.  There were several cabins set up, but none were as nice as the cabin I was assigned to.  I shared it with five other people, and we were all dressed in the same kind of clothing.  We all wore off-white jumpsuits with hoods.  They were incredibly comfortable.


It was the end of the day, and we were gathered in the cabin around a long table.  Off to my left was a room that contained four cots and some cushy chairs.  We had been informed that this was not the normal setup for the cabin.  Evidently the proprietors had made this one cabin extra special.  I sat along one of the longer sides of the table, and directly across from me was a fire.  It seemed as though the fire was partly in a fireplace and partly outside.  As the campfire crackled and smoke lazily drifted up and away, the others became nostalgic over the smell.  I didn't feel the same as they did because of my past experiences with camping.


As we watched the fire blaze and the shadows dance, I began to notice an image behind the fire.  There appeared to be a rather large computer monitor, and I could see the image of someone's desktop.  It had a light-green color to it, and I watched as the cursor navigated through amoeba and file folders.  All of a sudden, a door opened and our host stepped out.  She informed us that we were selected to try out her game which was located through the door.  There were ropes keeping us from the door.  A few heavily armored people emerged and began patting us down before we could enter.  They approached my wife, but knowing how she doesn't like people to touch here, I pushed them away.  They still let us through.


Through the door was a queue that already had a few people.  I jokingly said, "A 'queue' is British for a line."  It seemed a lot funnier in the dream.  I referred to my group as the A-squad and then promptly went the wrong way.


Soon we were in simulators that were similar to rides at a Universal Studios theme park.  Once the lap belts were in place, Michael Scott from The Office came out, grabbed a safety pamphlet, did some very poor arithmetic, and then stated, "And that's how math is done!"


In Space, No One Can Hear... Music?!


I had a much shorter dream after that.  It was about astronauts and the fact that they don't listen to music while in space.  They just talk to each other or go off to be by themselves in the quiet.  While I highly doubt this, it seemed an odd thing to dream about.


The Board Room


I remember waiting in large room just outside of an auditorium.  I was with about four other people, and we were all from the same company.  I think we were about to present to a larger company, and we were just making small talk while we waited.  I wasn't involved too much with the conversation because I was having an issue with my socks.  They were causing such a problem that I had to remove my shoes and readjust my socks.  It was kind of embarrassing, but it had to be done.  While I was doing this, one of my colleagues was discussing the rap career of Lebron James with the representative of the company.  They had differing opinions about his latest album.  I had not listened to it, so I couldn't comment about the nature or quality of Mr. James' rhyming.  The conversation then turned to Dwyane Wade and how Lebron James basically left him in the lurch in Miami.  I piped up and commented about the solid work ethic of Wade and that he was someone kids could look up to.  The representative agreed and then complimented my sock choice.  His company was developing a new line of socks that would last longer, wouldn't fall down, and could trap moisture and odors.


Shortly thereafter we were escorted into the auditorium for the major presentation.  We weren't the ones presenting, but the bigger company that was hosted us was.  We all took our seats among the lounge chairs.  Our seats were on the third row, but we had plenty of cushions that elevated us above the people in the first two rows.  The presentation began with a (famous?) musical artist.  I had not heard of him or his music, but all of the younger people in the audience were going crazy for him.  They warned us before entering the auditorium that no audio recordings of any kind would be allowed throughout the whole presentation.  This frustrated me because I knew the information was going to be useful, and I didn't want to take notes by hand for fear of missing something.


While we were lounging in our chairs, I kept having an issue every time I would recline the back.  The chair, because of the weight distribution, flipped me backwards.  Eventually I gave up on the idea of laying back in the chair.


A few minutes later, members of the company's promotional team went around the auditorium passing out freebies and specially marked envelopes.  I received one of these envelopes and was surprised to find my wife's handwriting on it.  She showed up at that moment to tell me that it contained a really good gift card for plane tickets.


I really don't understand how my brain works or why I have the dreams I do.  These weren't too bad, so I'm sure that I'm due for really crazy dreams tonight...


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