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I have a strange habit of taking naps before I go to sleep.  I know... It sounds weird.  Oftentimes I will be lost in thought with my eyes closed, and before I know it, I've fallen asleep.  (This has been a source of silly arguments in the past.  One time my wife told me to turn the light off and put away my work, but I responded, "I'm thinking about it!"  Yeah, it was definitely time to go to sleep.)  Other times I am watching television or reading a book, and I feel the sleep start to wash over me.  Even though I know I should get up and go to the bathroom one last time (surely I'm not the only who makes sure every last drop is evacuated before settling in for the night), I embrace the slumber and exit from the day.


The only problem is that eventually I will wake up shortly thereafter to go to the bathroom or brush my teeth if I forgot to do it.  But in reality, for the most part it isn't that difficult to go back to sleep.  Here's the rub.  If I had gotten up to take care of these evening chores before the nap, I would have had an incredibly difficult time going to sleep.  I would have missed the chance to feel the sleep overtake me.  For me it is a rush.


Instead of being responsible, I succumb to slumber.  Background noises fade out.  Sometimes they creep back into my consciousness, but they they fade out again in longer and longer chunks.  I feel as though I have control over this.  I can sense the noise and filter it out.  I am mostly awake, but I make the conscious effort to drown out the sounds to a low muffle.  I replace them with the sounds inside my head as a part of ushering in the dream sequences.


I had one of these episodes last night.  I closed my eyes to contemplate only to wake up an hour and a half later.  In that short time I had a very vivid dream (as are most of my dreams).  I woke up and wrote half a page of notes about the dream.  Even now I can remember so many details.  It doesn't really make a lot of sense, but the dream was very intense.  It was an active dream that turned deeply emotional at the end.


I won't tell the story today, for it is getting to be late.  Tomorrow perhaps...


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