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Because everyone has a blog, right?  I figured I might as well do the same thing.




Each morning when I wake up, I check my phone to see what I missed while I was sleeping (sure, we'll call it that).  I check my email, and by "check," I mean that I select 95% of the new messages and mark them for deletion.  Then I read the remaining emails before I discard them as well.


Once the purge is complete (See, there I go again using words incorrectly.  I shouldn't say purge when I still have thousands of emails sitting in my inbox.  Maybe this is my true backlog.  Not video games, but email messages.  I should make it a goal to delete or archive at least 20 messages each day.  Yep, it's good to have goals...), I then turn my eyes to Twitter.


For me, Twitter is my news source.  This is where I get most of my game-related news and information.  And it is on Twitter where there are people I can connect with in a much deeper relationship than "Hey, we went to high school together!"  (Please note that there is nothing wrong with going to high school or regularly connecting with people who also frequented the same sacred halls and inspiring pep rallies as you.)


This morning I feel like I fell into a conversation/controversy with people I did not know at all.  The first post seemed very cryptic and aggressive.  The next one was calling out another user/YouTuber/influencer for despicable actions he had committed.  I had no idea what was going on.


It appeared that a seemingly popular internet person (who I had never heard of) had engaged in extramarital affairs and had a history of other strikingly odd and creepy behaviors.  Whether this was the cause of the announced divorce, I can't say.  I still find it hard to believe that such private matters are discussed and aired out on social media.  I guess this is the day and age in which we live.


One of the first things that struck me was the sadness of the situation.  I hate divorce.  I hate adultery.  My heart breaks and aches for relationships that contemplate divorce or complete the separation of the union.


Some people enter into a marriage without truly committing to the other person.  They behave as though they are in a much more casual relationship and can walk away at any time.  Some people throw around the idea of a divorce with the same weight as one would talk about what car they wanted to buy.  It wouldn't take much, just a few signed documents and more money than you have.


Still others use divorce as a threat against their partner.  This is not how relationships should work.  When I got married I made certain promises to my wife, and I made these promises in front of several witnesses.  My close circle of friends has changed dramatically over the years, but I trust that my closest friends today would hold me to those promises and call me out if I fail.  I may not have truly understood what I was promising on the day I got married (I was so young back then), but I definitely comprehend it now.


Marriage is not something you do on a single day and then forget about.  It is a living, breathing union between two people.  And that's another thing.  Both people have to work in order for the marriage to survive and thrive.


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