Eating Out


This is the area where people get hit the hardest.  You are so accustomed to stopping at the local fast food joint for a quick bite.  Maybe it's just to get a hamburger or box of nuggets to share between your kids.  Maybe you get a hot, fresh donut every other morning to go with your coffee.  Those "Hot & Ready" Little Caesar pizzas are a good bargain...


Most places are now off limits to one with celiac disease or a gluten intolerance.  There are some places that are not only acceptable, but they are also outstanding when it comes to quality of service.  You just have to know what to ask.


Here are some basic steps to follow and questions to ask when eating out.

  • "Is there a gluten-free menu or gluten-free options?"  (Don't be afraid to ask.  If they make you feel bad or an outcast for asking, go to another establishment.)
  • "Are the fries made in a dedicated fryer?"  (This is a big one for us since we love french fries.  A lot of places use the same fryer for EVERYTHING.  This will wreck your stomach.  It's one of the main reasons why I can't eat out at a Mexican restaurant.)
  • Make sure they know ahead of time that you have an allergy.  Some restaurants are really good about training their staff to handle allergy issues.  (These are addressed on the Restaurants page.)
  • Research the menu before going.  Don't assume that there will be safe options.  There have been several times when the only trusted items on the menu were the drinks.
  • Ask about cross-contamination.  Some pizza places offer gluten-free crusts, but then they bake the pizzas on the same equipment and use the same tools as the regular pizzas.