One of the difficult parts of going gluten-free (aside from shopping) is cooking and finding recipes that you and your family will enjoy.  You may even pick up a recipe book (or been given one by a well-meaning friend).  We did that.  We still have those recipe books.  They are in pristine condition.


I guess what I'm trying to say is that they didn't help me the way I wanted to be helped.  I liked the recipes we had.  I just needed to know how to make them gluten-free and taste as close to the original as possible.


Right now I have three categories of recipes.  (Please note that this is a work in progress.)

  • Appetizers - dips and spreads for your gluten-free chips (bean dip, salsa, etc.)
  • EntrĂ©es - soups, pasta, casseroles and other delicious dishes (taco soup, meat loaf, etc.)
  • Desserts - a sweet way to end the meal (sheet cakes, peanut butter cookies, etc.)