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Week 1

A sick boy is introduced to the classic work of S. Morgenstern.  It promises to be quite the adventure.


Week 2

Another week has sailed away, so let's recap. Buttercup is engaged to the Prince and then gets kidnapped by a motley trio. They sail away from Florin and head for the Guilder frontier where Vizzini plans to kill Buttercup. A mysterious man follows...


Week 3

What an intense week! The man in black climbs after the trio up the Cliffs of Insanity. Inconceivable! He reaches the top (barely) and enters into a duel with Inigo.


Week 4

What an amazing, action-packed week! The man in black bests a skilled, sneaky swordsman and a huge, gentle giant. He continues to pursue the princess in peril while Vizzini vastly underestimates his abilities.


Week 5

In week 5, the masked man faces his toughest challenger in a Battle of Wits. Vizzini steals the week with his lines, but the man in black gets the last laugh. Humperdinck continues the chase, but will he reach the Princess in time?


Week 6

It was an emotion-filled week as Buttercup had it out with the man in black only to realize that it was her sweet Westley in disguise. A tumble down a ravine, a passionate embrace, and a jog into the fire swamp.


Week 7

We have reached the halfway point in the movie! Westley and Buttercup reunite and survive the terrors of the Fire Swamp only to find Humperdinck waiting just outside. When will true love prevail?


Week 8

From the Fire Swamp to the Pits of Despair, Westley's fortunes have taken a downturn. Buttercup's nightmares torture her, and she wonders if she will ever see Westley again.


Week 9

In this week, Westley is tortured at the hands of Count Rugen, Prince Humperdinck reveals his true plans for Buttercup, and Inigo regains sobriety from his best friend, Fezzik.  All in a day's work...


Week 10

In this week, Inigo leaves behind inebriation, Buttercup discovers the prince's schemes, and Humperdinck pushes the limits of the machine and Westley's life.


Week 11

In this week Inigo and Fezzik seek a miracle for the "mostly dead" Westley.  Miracle Max assists them in their quest, and the trio sets off to storm the castle.


Week 12

In this 12th week, a royal wedding is interrupted by a gate-crashing trio.  Rugen investigates and finds the source while the prince hurries the sham service.  Inigo finds his father's killer, and a dagger finds his stomach.


Week 13

In this penultimate week, Inigo avenges his father's murder, Humperdinck gets outplayed by a weakened Westley, and Fezzik does something right.


Week 14

In the final week, Westley and Buttercup are reunited for good, Fezzik does something right, and Inigo contemplates piracy. The credits roll, and I figure out what movie to do next.