The Princess Bride - Week 1


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Minute 1

A sick kid coughing

And playing a baseball game

Mom checks up on him




Minute 2

The Grandpa arrives

With a very special gift

More than a pinched cheek




During Grandpa’s time

Television was called books

And this one is great



Minute 3

Thus begins the book

A classic by Morgenstern

Starring Buttercup




A Florinese girl

Enjoys riding her horse and

Tormenting farmboy



Minute 4

Do this and do that

Commands from the blonde-haired girl

Quoth he, “As you wish.”




Buttercup realizes truth

Finds she loves him, too



Rustic hillside farm

Full of pitchers to be fetched

A budding romance



Minute 5

Interrupted kiss

Confused, bewildered grandson

Asks where the sports are



Incredulous boy

Wants excitement, not kissing

“When does it get good?”



A tearful goodbye

Westley leaves to find fortune

True love will bind them



Minute 6

Sorrowful parting

But encouraged by true love

Have one last embrace



Westley was attacked

By the Dread Pirate Roberts

News of death breaks girl



An odd sentiment

“Murdered by pirates is good!”

From heartless grandson


Upon hearing news

She will never love again

Fast forward five years



Minute 7

Trumpeting fanfare

A pompous declaration

By Prince Humperdinck




Prince will celebrate

Florin’s quincentennial

Marry commoner



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