The Princess Bride - Week 10


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Minute 64

Vizzini is dead

Inigo needs man to plan

Onslaught of castle



Unknown whereabouts

Of man in black, a trifle

Determined Spaniard



Sharpening knife rings

Yellin reports, pleased with self

Prince wants guards doubled



Minute 65

Prince feigning concern

Surprised to see Buttercup

Races to hold hands



Crack in plan revealed

Prince forgot four fastest ships

Yellin leaves tension



Buttercup convinced

Westley will come, but the prince

Is just a coward



Minute 66

Humperdinck threatened

By Buttercup’s true love speech

Locks her in bedroom



Prince scared by true love

Rushes to Pits of Despair

Confronts nemesis



Minute 67

Psychotic rantings

Broken-hearted Humperdinck

Terrified Westley



Hate-filled heart of prince

Turns machine up to fifty

Agonizing screams



Screaming resonates

Through forest, field, and village

And finds Inigo




Inigo knows sound

Is that of true suffering

Fezzik clears the way



Minute 68

Man with wheelbarrow

Accosted by Inigo

Has memory jogged



Desperate Spaniard

Seeks guidance from his father

In form of a sword



Minute 69

Led around by sword

Disappointed to find tree

Reveals secret door




The men enter through

Find an unconscious Westley

Diagnosis: dead



Minute 70

An enraged grandson

Demands to know who kills prince

Westley can’t be dead



Grandpa is patient

Endures emotional bursts

Continues reading



Unmoving Westley

Inigo won’t surrender

Asks Fezzik for change



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