The Princess Bride - Week 11


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Minute 71


Two men plus one dead

Travel to thatch-roofed cottage

Incessant knocking



The men seek the one

Employed long ago by King

Named “Miracle” Max



Aging, wild-haired man

Resentment, disgrace, failure

Feels he’s of no use



Minute 72


Max cautions against

Rushing miracles, rotten

Then asks for money



Max won’t work for cheap

Save for really noble cause

Inigo tells tale




Inigo comes clean

Seeks revenge and needs dead man

Max grabs the bellows



Minute 73


Max refutes dead claim

For Westley’s just mostly dead

Distinct difference



What’s worth living for?

As max compresses his chest

Westley breathes, “True love…”



Better than true love?

Mutton, lettuce, tomato

Such a fine sandwich



Minute 74


Max interprets words

Not of true love, but bluffing

Drawing ire of wife



Marital issues

Arising from single name

The Prince Humperdinck



Inigo gets through

Heal the man, stop the wedding

Humiliate prince



Minute 75


Max accepts payment

Makes chocolate-coated pill

Wishes the men well




A sneaking trio

Skulking atop castle walls

Increased guards at gate




Minute 76


Inigo gives pill

Westley regains consciousness

Begins spewing threats




Too many questions

No time for explanation

Just quick summary



Quick-healing Westley

Thumb twitches while hearing plan

Must get through the lone gate




Minute 77


The trio’s assets?

Westley’s brain and Fezzik’s strength

Plus Inigo’s steel



There’s not enough time

A wheelbarrow’s what they need

Holocaust cloak, too



Fezzik reveals cloak

Given by Miracle Max

Now the plan begins



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