The Princess Bride - Week 12


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Minute 78

Worried Inigo

Peppers Westley with questions

Puppeteer Fezzik




Royal wedding clothes

Princess will not marry prince

Awaits her true love



Minute 79

Under veil of night

Heroic trio conspires

Plan to storm castle



Organ music swells

An impressive clergyman

Turns to audience




Discourse on marriage

It’s a blessed arrangement

Dream within a dream



Minute 80

Disturbance outside

Ghostly Dread Pirate Roberts

Threatens castle guard




Nightmares come to life

Flames engulf apparition

Steal the guards’ resolve



Prince motions to Count

Who heads towards commotion

Frightened guards scatter




Minute 81

Impatient, scared prince

Hurries the ceremony

Claims Westley is dead



Cowering Yellin

Fezzik raises portcullis

Westley demands key




Confused clergyman

Harassed by Prince Humperdinck

Proclaims, “Man and wife.”



Minute 82

Running through the halls

Count and his men find trouble

Slash, parry, and stab




Hello, my name is

Inigo Montoya and

You killed my father



Minute 83

Rugen runs away

Flees through torchlit corridors

Inigo gives chase



Overwhelming rage

Father’s killer has escaped

Fezzik grants entry




Despondent princess

King and Queen discuss wedding

Noting oddities



Minute 84

Gentle kiss on cheek

Buttercup bids King farewell

She plans to kill self




The chase continues

Through halls, storerooms, and stairwells

Dagger finds its mark





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