The Princess Bride - Week 13


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Minute 85

Villain monologue

Inigo clutches abdomen

With blood loss mounting




Princess grasps handle

To plunge dagger into chest

Westley interrupts




Minute 86

Impassioned kissing

From reunited lovers

One barely mobile



Injured Inigo

Parries sword thrusts to shoulders

Recites rehearsed speech




Minute 87

Mantra repeated

Giving strength to Inigo

Momentum has turned



Dueling swords clang

Rugen takes defensive stance

To fend off attack



Rugen is exposed

Receives matching cuts on cheeks

While pleading for life



Count can’t deliver

Inigo’s deepest desire

His father’s life back



Minute 88

Asking forgiveness

Buttercup has married prince

Did not say, “I do.”



Brandishing his sword

Humperdinck steps in to fight

Westley in duel



A fight “To the death!”

Westley insists “To the pain!”

Must explain to prince



Minute 89

“To the pain” explained

Cut off feet, hands, nose, and eyes

Get to keep your ears



Ears are for hearing

Cries of anguish and disgust

From the onlookers



Minute 90

Prince is skeptical

Believes Westley is still weak

In spite of insults




Heroic Westley rises

Levels sword at prince



Humperdinck complies

Taking a cowardly seat

Buttercup binds him



Minute 91

Inigo enters

Directs Buttercup to help

Offers to kill prince




A call from below

Fezzik found four white horses

One for each of them




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