The Princess Bride - Week 14


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Minute 92

Jumping from window

Moonlight glinting off her dress

Buttercup floats down




Time for career change

Inigo’s done with revenge

Perhaps piracy



Triumphant quartet

Mount horses and leave castle

Ride off to freedom



Minute 93

Yet another kiss

Broken up by narrator

To save the grandson



Most passionate kiss

Surpassing all previous

As book comes to end



Grandpa gathers things

As grandson settles in bed

An awkward, “So long.”




Minute 94

Before Grandpa leaves

Boy asks him to read again

“As you wish.” The end



Reiner directed

William Goldman wrote the book

Also the screenplay




Cary Elwes stars

Also Mandy Patinkin

“You killed my father.”




Minute 95

The bad guys played by

Chris Sarandon, Wallace Shawn

And Christopher Guest





Andre the Giant

Loveable man gone too soon

So gentle and kind



A young Fred Savage

Before there were Wonder Years

And Robin Wright, too




Appearances by

Peter Falk and Cook, Mel Smith

Carol Kane, Crystal



Minute 96

Music by Knopfler

Biddle, Garwood, and Leighton

Design and edit



Impressive casting

Costumes by Phyllis Dalton

The featured players



Minute 97

The production crew

Manage, direct, supervise

Hair, makeup, wardrobe



The special effects

Lighting, mics, and sound effects

Props, edit, assist



Accountants, stuntmen

Swordmaster Bob Anderson

R. O. U. S.’s



Minute 98

Unit 2 - Ireland

Photography and paintings

And the suppliers



Listing of two songs

Filmed in England and Ireland

Please do not copy



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