The Princess Bride - Week 2


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Minute 8

Humperdinck rules all

But the one thing he can’t have

Is Buttercup’s heart



Finding no solace

In future matrimony

She goes for a ride



She meets three strangers

Small, medium, and giant

Circus performers



No village nearby

The giant puts her to sleep

The little man plots



Minute 9

Grumpy, little man

Piece of fabric in his hand

Plotting to start war



Kidnap the princess

Kill her on Guilder frontier

What could go awry?




Question killing the princess

Little man rages



What is right or wrong?

The help was not hired to think

Must be put in place


Giant was not hired

For his brains, but his huge size




The sot has spoken

Reminded of drunkenness

Couldn’t buy brandy



Minute 10

Now it’s Fezzik’s turn

To receive his reprimand

No friends, brain, help, hope



Threatened to be sent

Back to his home in Greenland

Where he had no job


Fezzik, Inigo

Salve their esteem with rhyming

Frustrate small leader



Minute 11

Prisoner princess

And her trio of captors

Sail under the moon



The concerned Spaniard

Continuously glancing

Behind their small boat



Someone follows them

Through eel-infested waters



They shall all be hanged

Assures Princess Buttercup

Bold and defiant



Vizzini confirms

Guilder and Florin don’t know

Worry starts to build



Minute 12

While the three discuss

Mystery man tracking them

Princess overboard



Someone should get her

One can’t swim, one dog paddles

One gets angrier




Ominous sound grows

Princess realizes mistake

Shrieking eels draw close



Minute 13

Floundering princess

The eel charges toward her

Suddenly ceases


The narrator stops

Eyes the scared, concerned grandson

Suggests that they stop



Grandpa loses spot

Fumbles around ‘til he finds

Shrieking, charging eel



Minute 14

Fezzik clobbers eel

Soaked and shivering princess

Receives new wrist ware


Chasing vessel nears

Inigo posits he’s using

The same wind they use



Vizzini declares

A premature victory

Spies destination




Only Fezzik’s strength

Allows them to go this way

Vertical cliff climb



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