The Princess Bride - Week 3


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Minute 15

The arduous climb

A special harness for three

Do not look below



The man in black climbs

Ascending very quickly

See him close the gap



Minute 16

Vizzini complains

Questions the strength of Fezzik

Must find new giant



Finally reach top

Everybody disembarks

Time to cut the rope



Minute 17

The dagger slices

Cords breaking, unraveling

Rope remnants vanish



Expectant victors

Surprised that he didn’t fall

Hanging by strong arms




Vizzini often exclaims

Lacks understanding



Man in black must die

His identity is moot

Kill him with the sword


Minute 18

The swordsman must choose

If right-handed, done too soon

Left hand, satisfied



Vizzini gives up

Tells Inigo choose his way

Impatiently waits



Fezzik dispenses

Wisdom to his dearest friend

Do not trust masked men


Pleasantries exchanged

Man in black must concentrate

Swordsman practices



Minute 19

Rope or a tree branch

Could help the man in black climb

Just to meet his death



Hard to accept help

From man waiting to kill him

But man hates waiting


As masked man struggles

Inigo offers his word

It’s not good enough




A resolution

He swears on soul of father

Will reach top alive




Minute 20

Struggling to the top

With help from sword-wielding friend

Dumps rocks from his boots




Awkward first question

Checking number of fingers

Masked man confirms five



Minute 21

The story begins

Beautifully crafted sword

Discount demanded



A father murdered

Bereaved son challenged and lost

Two scarred reminders



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