The Princess Bride - Week 4


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Minute 22

Film’s most famous speech

Promise from avenging son

Dad’s killer shall die



Searching twenty years

Unable to find the man

Who murdered father



Background story done

World’s greatest sword fight begins

Both are left-handed?



Minute 23

Such witty banter

Between the two great swordsmen

On rocky terrain




The Spaniard’s wry smile

Unbelievable reveal

He’s not left-handed!



Minute 24

The pirate’s secret

He is right-hand dominant

How the tides have turned




A sword switches hands

Inigo quickly disarmed

Has he met his match?



Minute 25

Jab, parry, and thrust

Constant clanging of metal

Back and forth they go



Metallic whirlwind

Inigo cannot weather

Completely disarmed



Merciful pirate

Does not kill adversary

Concussion instead



Minute 26

Victor races off

In search of distressed damsel

Vizzini amazed


One more challenger

A giant among boulders

Awaits the masked man



Fezzik questions way

Vizzini screams to use rocks

It’s unsportsmanlike



The giant prepares

The man in black rounds corner

A large stone shatters



Minute 27

No tricks, no weapons

Face off as God intended

Civilized people



Man in mask unsure

Hand to hand combat, deadly

Goes in for the hug




Very sweet giant

Won’t kill immediately

Encourages foe



Minute 28

Spry, quick, slippery

Man in black dodges punches

Goes for the choke hold



Giant questions mask

Was his foe burned by acid

Nope. Fashion statement


Giant is struggling

Unaccustomed to fighting

Only one person



Philanthropic man

Fighting gangs for charity

Uses many moves



Man in black prevails

Overpowers the giant

Who now lies sleeping



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