The Princess Bride - Week 5


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Minute 29

Unconscious giant

Man in black scampers away

Off to next challenge



Back to Humperdinck

Recreating a duel

Messing up footprints




Goateed commander

Questions aloud which one won

Prince knows everything




Minute 30

Who should they follow?

The victor heads to Guilder

Loser means nothing


Guilder plot thickens

Prince will not be fooled by trap

Thinks all things are traps



The man in black runs

Approaches next encounter

A man and his brain



Blindfolded princess

Dagger’s edge caresses throat

Masked man slows his pace



Minute 31

There’s no arrangement

Definition of empasse

What can be done now?



Vizzini is smart

Moronic philosophers

Stand in his shadow



Ultimate battle

Vizzini’s intelligence

Versus masked man’s strength



A compromise struck

Competition to the death

The prize?  Buttercup


Initial setup

Two goblets, bottle of wine

Iocane powder




Minute 32

Masked man takes goblets

Hidden from view poison poured

Let the game begin





He must choose wisely

Avoid perilous poison

Or ingest and die



Divination time

Vizzini parses knowledge

About man in black



Minute 33

Diversion tactics

Little man’s mind is reeling

Unable to choose



Considers man’s strength

Knows origin of poison

Masked man’s study skills



Poor patient princess

Listening to Vizzini

Raging monologue



Minute 34

Masked man can’t be fooled

“What in the world can that be?”

Head turns, goblets swapped




Goblets are chosen

Vizzini chuckles to self

Acts suspiciously




Both men take long drafts

The switcheroo is revealed

Vizzini explains



Vizzini’s hubris

His ultimate undoing

For both were poisoned



Minute 35

Princess regains sight

Measures mysterious man

Veiled identity




Humperdinck tracking

Ascertains giant beaten

Continues the hunt




Princess and masked man

Running along rocky top

Slow down to catch breath



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