The Princess Bride - Week 6


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Minute 36

Princess bartering

Claims prince can track anyone

Bubbling feistiness



Man in black counters

Questions her dearest love’s skill

Has been misinformed



Frustrated princess

Steely determination

Not in love with prince



Masked man accuses

“Are not capable of love”

Emotions flaring



Buttercup has loved

Deeper than someone like him

A filthy killer


Feigning a backhand

Masked man warns against lying

Grabs her wrist and runs




Minute 37

Princely detective

Roots out Vizzini’s demise

Princess might still live




Princess is fed up

Calls out captor by real name

Dread Pirate Roberts




Venom spewed from royal lips

For killing her love



Pirate can’t deny

Possibly killing her love

The job demands it



Minute 38

Princess describes love

Farmboy, dreamy eyes, now dead

Roberts cares little




A heated exchange

Pirate mocks Buttercup’s pain





Man in black recalls

The farmboy’s early demise

One word stands out: please



Minute 39

Why should farmboy live?

True love is waiting for him

A beautiful girl



Roberts destroyed him

Kept him from discovering

Buttercup’s true self



When she heard the news

Of her true love’s death at sea

Princess died inside



Rage of broken heart

Pirate distracted by Prince

Violently shoved




As Roberts tumbles

Utterance of “As you wish”

Mistake realized



Minute 40

Sliding to a stop

Buttercup and Westley lie

On the ravine floor



Prince is never wrong

Determines couple’s heading

The dreaded fire swamp



Relieved reunion

Admonishing monologue

“Why didn’t you wait?”



Minute 41

Tale interrupted

Grandson abhors kissing parts

Ready for fire swamp



Reunited pair

Race headlong into fire swamp

Yoda’s summer home




Minute 42

Mossy surroundings

Ominous creatures calling

Bereft of sunlight



Incredulous words

Westley admires foliage

Princess not amused



Popping noises heard

Surprise flame ignites her dress

Chivalrous Westley




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