The Princess Bride - Week 7


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Minute 43

Traversing couple

Narrowly avoids fire spout

Warned by popping sounds



Dank jungle of vines

Swashbuckler cuts swath with sword

Explains Roberts’ tale



Minute 44

Valet-less pirate

Intrigued by the farmboy’s words

Stays hand and hires him


Threatened day by day

Westley’s education grows

And friendship blossoms


A secret revealed

Roberts is not true Roberts

His real name -- Ryan



The name of Roberts

Has been passed down many times

First has since retired


Minute 45

Westley assumed role

Convinced a newly hired crew

That he was Roberts



Buttercup perplexed

Pensively wanders away

Disappears in sand



Grabbing nearby vine

Westley dives after his love

Strange creature patrols




Minute 46

Two figures emerge

Climbing from sandy bowels

Gasping for fresh air




Their doom lurks nearby

It is inevitable

They shall perish there




Minute 47

Fire Swamp’s three dangers

Fire spurts, lightning sand, what else?





Westley pounced on by

Unusually large rat

Buttercup spectates



Clutching for his sword

Continues empty-handed

Wrestling with rodent



Minute 48

R.O.U.S. tossed

Regains footing and charges

Aiming for princess



Using broken branch

Buttercup weakly attacks

Rodent chews her shoe



Rodent sinks in teeth

Gnawing Westley’s left shoulder

Rolled into fire spurt



As rodent smolders

Westley stabs repeatedly

Stands victorious




Minute 49

Emergence from swamp

Battered, disheveled couple

Autumnal lakeshore



Prince and entourage

Erupt onto tranquil scene

Masculine showdown




Westley monologues

Unaware of crossbowmen

Will not surrender





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