The Princess Bride - Week 8


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Minute 50

Scared for her love’s life

Buttercup pleads for safety

Prince acquiesces



Westley shall return

To the pirate ship, Revenge

Humperdinck promised



Insidious prince

Subterfuge with Count Rugen

The Pits of Despair




Magnanimous speech

Buttercup has saved his life

Yet rides off with prince



Minute 51

Under crossbow threat

Hero bound and notices

Six-fingered right hand




Rugen’s anger flares

Concussion-inducing blow

Westley unconscious



Albino descends

Stone stairs echo the despair

Ambient candles



Minute 52

Cloth softly dabs wounds

Westley regains consciousness

Queries location



Voice-altering phlegm

Once cleared, hopelessness declared

Westley shall die there



Questioning process

Informed curing to prepare

For coming torture



Minute 53

Although he survived

The dreaded Fire Swamp, no one

Survives the maching



Despondent princess

Forlornly walks castle halls

Skulking prince watches



Narrator breaks in

King has died, couple married

Grandson is upset



Minute 54

The story is wrong

Buttercup can’t marry prince

It should be Westley



Boy loses temper

And almost rest of story

Must trust his grandpa



The Queen Buttercup

Introduced to commoners

And aging heckler




Minute 55

The rabble-rouser

Spews insults at Buttercup

Queen of putrescence



Princess awakens

From terrifying nightmare

Still yet to wed prince



Minute 56

Buttercup enters

Prince’s royal office space

Claims love for Westley



She would rather die

Than marry Prince Humperdinck

Who begins to scheme



Prince plants seeds of doubt

She left Westley; pirates lie

Creates compromise



Buttercup shall write

Four copies of a letter

Carried by fast ships



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