The Princess Bride - Week 9


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Minute 57

Humperdinck suggests

Marriage over suicide

If Westley spurns her



Prince hired Vizzini

Failing he now relishes

Duty to murder



Copse of crooked trees

A secret lies underneath

Hidden knot holds key



Minute 58

Count asks prince to pits

An awkward situation

Humperdinck is swamped



Rugen counsels prince

Descends to Pits of Despair

Where Westley awaits



Count admires machine

Waxes poetic about

Pain and current book



Minute 59

Suction cups attached

Heavy wooden lever raised

Water powers pain



Lowest setting used

Rugen contentedly stares

Westley writhes in pain



Mechanism halted

Calm and cold explanation

One year of life gone



Minute 60

Rugen documents

Westley’s pain experience

For posterity



Security head

Summoned to prince’s chambers

Receives secret news



Killers from Guilder

Plotting to murder princess

Hide in Thieves’ Forest



Minute 61

Buttercup checks in

Still no answer from Westley

Declares that he’ll come



Prince, Yellin discuss

Emptying of Thieves’ Forest

Forming a Brute Squad



Wedding day arrives

Forest inhabitants cleared

Save for a Spaniard



Minute 62


Spaniard leans against hovel

Waits for Vizzini



A mace-wielding brute

Disturbs his drunken musings

Inciting sword thrusts



Brute calls for backup

Fezzik appears and lifts friend

While knocking down brute




Minute 63

Reunited friends

Inigo’s sobriety

Cared for by Fezzik



Fezzik informs friend

Tells of six-fingered Rugen

Inigo face plant



Hot, cold, back again

Water treatment for drunk friend

Instantly sober



Inigo’s ready

To avenge his father’s death

Thirty men stand guard



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